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Comprehensive Real-Time Interactive Analysis and Visualization of MRI Flow Data

GTFlow is GyroTools’ software solution that delivers all the necessary functionality for visualization, assessment and interpretation of multidimensional MRI phase-contrast flow datasets. Combining speed, precision and ease-of-use, GTFlow provides a complete set of features for working with velocity encoded data in one, two, or three encoding directions. Conveniently load, process and visualize images acquired with Philips, GE, or Siemens scanners to quickly gain insight about all relevant flow characteristics.

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Research data management without compromises.

Agora is a comprehensive solution for archiving, organizing, and accessing research data. With Agora, you can easily configure an environment that exactly matches then needs of your lab for data organization and accessibility. Connect multiple scanners that will automatically feed raw-, image-, and meta-data to the Agora platform. Your data remains in-house and you can implement or use your own existing data backup solutions. Users access data selectively using a web browser and a personalized account.

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Easy-to-use and versatile reconstruction environment for Matlab

ReconFrame is a software platform providing the tools and the functionality to develop and execute a complete image reconstruction of MR data. All available Philips MR data formats can be read, reconstructed and exported. Using Matlab as programming environment, image reconstruction procedures can be designed and validated.

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Pulse Programming Course

GyroTools is the official Philips partner for training research customers on the Philips platform.

Intended for scientists who wish to modify MR scan software and develop their own pulse sequences, this live online course provides all the information to start developing pulse sequences on the current Philips MR platform. Providing extensive background information about the Philips MR system, its software, and the available programming tools, the course is structured with alternating lectures and practical exercises. Basic general programming skills are a pre-requisite for this course. The Pulse Programming course is specific to the Philips MR platform and offered in collaboration with Philips Healthcare.

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